The DDP Story


Dave's Devil Powder began in the late 90's, while I was working at a truck stop diner. One of the regular truckers, who loved hot and spicy foods, came to me one day with a gift.  He dropped off a case of peppers on the counter and said, "Here. Do something with these."

I took them home, dried them out, and ground them up. Dave's Devil Powder had been born, but in it's rawest form. When I left the truck stop, I forgot all about my spice creation.   Years later, while living in Florida, it hit me to refine the formula and start selling what I feel is a unique yet needed product. I sent a shaker to a friend back in New Hampshire and he loved it!  

Dave's Devil Powder was, at first, simply a local hit, but has since taken off.  Word has spread through utilizing social media. I now ship nationwide and internationally! There are even a couple of world famous musicians who can't get enough.

I have made some really good connections who are helping me bring Dave's Devil Powder to the masses. Look for it in the future at a store near you!


The Pepper Whisperer


I'm no master chef by any means, but I do enjoy cooking for friends, family, and myself. I also like my food to have some heat. The problem that I was finding was spice or hot sauce completely altered the flavor or consistency of my food. After spending what could be hours in the kitchen I want my food to taste like whatever delicious thing I just made and not anything else. That's where Dave's Devil Powder comes in. After spending some time getting the formula just right I have created a powder that brings you all the heat you need without ever messing with the flavor or consistency of your food. The beauty of the product is in its versatility. Dave's Devil Powder can be added to any food that you want to give a kick. It can be added to rubs, sauces, sweets like chocolate, sprinkle it on pies and cakes, or even put some in your cereal. I challenge you to find a food it isn't good on! There are no fillers, sugars, or extra salt added. So if you're diabetic or have high blood pressure there are no ingredients that you need to worry about. Technically vegan, it's just a perfect blend of peppers put together by me. Dave, the pepper whisperer. 

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